The OG

The OG

“I’m starting a blog. I’m doing it.”

That was the text to my wife at 11:01 this morning. Her response was 3 thumbs up.

“Like I just got super motivated. I’m staying up late to start it. First post tonight maybe!”

The rest is history. Well I guess that was history and the rest is the future. So here we go…let’s do this! Post number 1. The OG.

The name…6 Figure FIRE

I might as well explain why I’m here. And why I hope you’re here too.

And thats FIRE. Financial Independence, Retire Early. And hopefully (fingers crossed) with a six figure income. What is FIRE? In it’s most basic form it’s having enough savings/passive income to support your desired lifestyle, earning you the option to no longer work the 9-5 grind.

We all should have goals. Something we are working for. Short term and long term. These goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely). They should be YOURS and you should do everything in your power to attain these goals.  My long term goal is FIRE. More specifically, FIRE by 50 with a  six figure income (or as close as possible). This meets all of the measures of a SMART goal.

  • Specific- Retire from the 9-5 with a six figure income.
  • Measurable- This can be done through retirement account balances and tracking net worth.
  • Achievable- This will hopefully become more apparent as the blog grows, but yes it should be achievable based on current account balances, projected savings and future growth.
  • Relevant- Heck yes it’s relevant! Who wouldn’t want to be able to wake up at 50 (or earlier for that matter), log in to their retirement account over a cup of coffee and know that if you don’t want to, you don’t have to work any longer.
  • Timely- At my current age of 31 this is a HUGE long term goal. But it does have a timetable and with some intentional effort we can track the progress as that ever approaching date grows nearer.

What’s my motivation? I’m a pharmacist for a large retail pharmacy. I really do enjoy what I do on a daily basis. The schedule is frustrating as is the lack of flexibility.  But the work is extremely rewarding and I take pride in knowing that pharmacists are one of the most highly respected health care professionals today. But working for someone else has the obvious downsides. And since most of us Average Joe’s are not our own boss, I want to help you on your path to FIRE while I continue on the road to FIRE myself.

What to expect? I’m new to blogging, but I’m not new to personal finance. My family is debt free and we recently paid off our mortgage!  I’ll have posts dedicated to helping you with getting out of debt, attacking student loan payments, paying your house off early and help with budgeting. I also have an interest in investing so you’ll be able to follow along as we fire (no, not the good FIRE from above) our financial advisor (read about that here), saving us hundred of thousands of dollars in future retirement savings, and manage our retirement accounts the John Bogle way. I’m also a huge believer in being a lifelong learner so I’ll be having a monthly book review post (let me know if you have any good suggestions!) So saddle up and enjoy the ride. Let’s burn this thing to the ground!


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